Our Story ~ From Farm to Fork

Grown, Picked & Produced by Hand in our very own farm in Western Australia

Eagle Vale Olives offers a quality range of olive products unique to Western Australia. With a strong heritage of more than 20 years in the olive business, Eagle Vale Olives is committed in delivering quality products to our consumers.

From Marinated Green and Kalamata Olives to award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tapenade, you will find all our olive products as pure and delicious as nature intended.

Our very own farm, Wickham Olive Grove is situated in the agricultural shire of Gingin in Western Australia, with its Mediterranean climate, it is the perfect place to grow olives. Since 1996, Wickham Olive Grove grew 7,000 trees of beautiful Kalamata Olives.

Eagle Vale Olives Wickham Olive Grove Kalamata

Wickham Olive Grove is famous for our reputable farming and quality produce. We follow organic practices, free from chemical application.

Our farm is equipped with an in-farm commercial table olives processing plant. This means 2 hours from harvest, the olives are processed delicately to capture its freshness. Being particularly attentive to quality control, samples are regularly taken from each of 18 fermentation tanks.

Eagle Vale Olives Wickham Olive Grove Fermentation Tank

With our very own processing unit consisting of stainless steel fermentation tanks, conveyors, washing machines, de-leafers, de-stemmers, de-branchers, grading machines and pitting machines; Wickham Olive Grove has the biggest capacity to handle brinning, grading and processing of table olives.

Eagle Vale Olives Wickham Olive Grove Grading Machine

In Wickham Olive Grove, the fruit is left to ripen on the trees naturally. They are not picked early when they're green and then dyed black, which is a common practice in Europe. The tree-ripened olives are put through a traditional fermentation process, to ensure that its rich flavor and color are preserved. We are very stringent about quality control and samples are taken from each tank and sent for testing.

The luxurious table olives and the delight of an authentic extra virgin olive oil on your palate is unmistakable.

From Farm to Fork, giving you only the best.

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Wickham Olive Grove

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